Welcome to the world of Supa Foods, one of Durban, South Africa’s leading manufacturers in the powdered food,charcoal and bakery products industry.

Supa Foods has a single-minded objective: to continually interact with you, our customers and consumers, at a level which delivers exceptional food products, packaging contracts and service solutions at prices that will delight you.

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” – Demosthenes

We believe this!

No matter how small, at Supa Foods the “Customer is King”. One of our smallest customers three years ago is now one of the largest suppliers of bulk soya meals to schools in Mpumalanga. Through their network, we continually interacted with the school kids until they only wanted our product; word spread until they got to the size they are today.

So you can see; we make our brand statement, “Supa Foods, Super Taste”, literally come true.

If you are interested in retail food products, bulk powdered foods,charcoal or bakery products in Durban and Sub-Saharan Africa, you’ve come to the right site.

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